Exploring Thessaloniki's

Vibrant Food Scene

Rich in history and culture, Thessaloniki is much more than just the second largest city of Greece - it's also a culinary destination! From traditional dishes to local delicacies from its many cultures such as Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman & Jewish; every visitor will find something delicious.

With over 1 million inhabitants and vibrant food scene that won't disappoint even the most discerning tourist you can explore for yourself why this historic port has become one of Europe’s top go-to destinations for gastronomic pleasure. So come and explore the city, you won't be disappointed!

Street food in Thessaloniki


The city's waterfront restaurants offer a wide variety of fresh fish and other seafood dishes, as well as local wines and beers to wash them down.

The Ladadika district, located just near the harbour, is another must-see for food lovers. This historic district is known for its charming streets and traditional tavernas, where you can try delicious dishes made with local ingredients. The district is also home to several wine bars, where you can sample local wines and enjoy live music in a cozy, atmospheric setting.



One of the best ways to explore Thessaloniki's food culture is to visit the city's bustling markets. The Central Market (Kapani) is a great place to try local produce, sample traditional dishes, and learn about the ingredients used in Thessaloniki's cuisine. The market is a bustling, vibrant place, where vendors offer a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. You can also find spices, herbs, and other ingredients, as well as traditional sweets and pastries.

Street Food

The city is famous for its souvlaki and gyros, which can be found at food stands throughout the city centre. These delicious, savoury dishes are made with meat, vegetables, and spices, and are typically served wrapped in pita bread. Easily turn it to vegan/vegetarian by replacing meat with mushrooms or french fries. Be sure to try some of these tasty treats while you're in Thessaloniki.