Team Building, Bonding Events and Experiences

For corporate groups, schools and teams, in Thessaloniki.

Team building organised for Deloitte in Thessaloniki, SaltySoil corporate activities.
Gifts for the participants, SaltySoil corporate activities in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Briefing before the games, SaltySoil corporate activities in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Team building treasure hunt at Pozar, SaltySoil corporate activities.
Working together, SaltySoil corporate activities in Thessaloniki.

    Unleash your team's potential with unforgettable team-building experiences by Salty Soil!

    Thessaloniki offers incredible locations and facilities for all kinds of corporate events. With over 15 years of experience crafting programs, we can create faultless and smooth activities that boost morale, communication, and results. Whether you're a tech startup, a multinational corporation, or a local school, we have the perfect program for you.

    Create culinary miracles in your very own group cooking experience, or take a tour to learn about the urban street art of the town. Also, treasure hunts in Thessaloniki are competitive incredibly fun events, entertaining the group along with encouraging morale, creativity and interaction!

    We understand that many companies teams or groups don't have the time to travel to Thessaloniki, thus we also offer the activities to your doorstep!

    Ready to unleash your team's potential? Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how Salty Soil can create a custom team-building program that exceeds your expectations. 

    Team Master Chef

    Indoor, make a range of dishes under the guidance of the chef.

    Treasure Hunt in Thessaloniki

    Bonding, development, fun, ideal for mixed groups.

    Wine Tasting

    Energiser, stand alone, sampling, with a wine expert.

    Combined with outdoor activities

    Sea Kayaking, SUP or Sailing.

    Jeep Safaris & ATVS

    Teams must find their way to the final destination.

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    We treat every request in a custom based basis upon your needs.

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